About TrashTalk Theater

How it Works

First, TrashTalk Theater works because you make it work! Unlike watching a film at a regular movie theater, TrashTalk Theater is very much a group-oriented experience. The audience is everything, and a knowledgeable crowd with quick wits makes for a great night.

From a technical standpoint, TrashTalk Theater works by creating a local wireless network that links a web-based user interface with a custom movie playback and text rendering engine. Any device with a web browser, such as a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet computer can be used to send commentary directly to the screen as the movie is playing. The web interface may also be used to vote for basic transport controls like a brief rewind. But one person alone cannot initiate these events--they occur only if enough people agree and vote with you!

We provide tables and power outlets. TrashTalk Theater is BYOB friendly when possible, but please check with the specific venue first.

TrashTalk Theater was created by interactive artist and cult movie fan Jason Ponce. For bookings, questions, or to submit film requests for the next event please send me a message using the contact form. Thanks, and enjoy the show!