Upcoming Events

  • Thursday March 7, 2013
    TrashTalk Theater Cosmic Double Feature!
    1) Children of the Stars (2012)
    a documentary by San Diego filmmaker Bill Perrine, who will be present, logged in and interacting with you!
    2) Zardoz (1974)
    @ The Victory Theater, San Diego, CA.
    Doors at 6:30
    $7 General admission

Past Events

Welcome to TrashTalk Theater!

We all know the experience of watching a movie at home with a group of friends. We laugh and discuss, we anticipate dialogue, we rewind when we want, we talk to each other freely.

On the other hand, we also know the experience of big cinema movie watching. In a theater everything is bigger, louder, and shinier, and you sit in a large room full of strangers who for the most part remain quiet and unobtrusive.

TrashTalk Theater brings these scenarios together. It is about how the cinematic experience can be reshaped by using technology to place interactive, crowdsourced commentary at the center of the movie watching experience. It does this by letting you use any web-enabled device to send commentary to the screen during the film. This commentary can be serious or silly, running the full range from merciless shredding to serious critique. It all depends on the selected film and how well the crowd can think (and type) on its feet.

So please, when the movie starts, do not turn off your cell phone. Do not put away your electronic devices. In fact, we will set up a table for you and your gadgets. Log in and start talking some trash!

See the About page for more details.

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TrashTalk Theater screens 'Showgirls' at Space 4 Art in San Diego on September 22, 2011.